Working for any business the odds of you knowing exactly what to do, how to do it and what is expected of you on the first day is very slim.  For those that have worked in the field for years may know some tips and tricks that will make the process easier but for new employees knowing the ropes can be difficult.  For any company even cleanroom certification irvine ca businesses knowing how to do things from day one is hard.  Here are some tips that you can follow in order to be successful.

Video Lessons

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Learning how to clean a cleanroom through a video will be much more effective than reading a book or listening to a lecture.  With a video you can see the steps one takes, follow the movements of the employee and catch subtleties that aren’t made apparent.  Also, when we watch a video, we can show mistakes that people make and how to avoid them.

Hands on training

Sitting behind a desk and reading a book will only get you so far.  When training your employees, you will want to have a simulated environment in which they can go in and do their thing.  This will give them physical experiences, perceptual clues and even help build their own personal techniques in order to be more effective on the job.

Build up expectations

When training this is a good time to make expectations of employees known.  When working in a cleanroom environment you have to meet specific standard in which the room needs to be.  If the rooms don’t meet these standards then contamination greatly increases which makes the function of a cleanroom worthless.  Knowing, accepting and striving beyond these expectations is what will make you stand out among the rest.