Throughout life, children will go through many changes that can be baffling and overwhelming at times. In some cases, these changes in behavior or mood may be indicative of a bigger issue that needs to be dealt with by professionals. There are plenty of behavioral therapists fort lauderale residents can visit that can help their children along the way using several different behavioral therapy techniques. These techniques include flooding, modeling, and extinction.


Flooding has been used in several applications, such as to treat phobias and other disorders associated with stress. It involves exposure to the objects of fear, forcing individuals to deal with them. Eventually, the stimulus becomes less stress-provoking and individuals and children may experience less fear or anxiety due to certain stimuli.


Modeling is when your child learns from observing how others behave. Instead of reinforcing behaviors by using positive or negative reinforcement, using modeling allows children to learn by watching someone else behave a certain way or perform certain tasks. Therapists may model a behavior and use this as a way to improve or change a child’s behavior, encouraging or discouraging certain actions.


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Results can also be achieved through extinction, which is a technique that requires parents to stop reinforcing their child’s behaviors with a response. One great example of this method is putting children in a time-out. While children are in time-out, they are not near the situation that caused their response and do not get attention or reinforcement. This can lead to the behavior eventually diminishing as the child sees that they don’t get a response.

If your child has been going through emotional or behavioral changes that have you concerned, speak with a medical professional. An evaluation may help you find ways to cope with your child’s behavior and put an end to negative habits that have been an issue in the household or with peers.