Dental care is important for everyone, including babies and children. The ADA recommends that babies visit the dentist by the age of one and everyone else visit twice per year. Choose family dentistry south gate services to care for your family’s oral health. Many families use family dentistry services and you should be amongst those people. Take a look below to learn five of the top reasons to use a family dentist for your family’s oral health needs.

family dentistry south gate

1.    Using a family dentist is easier than taking everyone to a separate dentist. You can schedule appointments on the same day and avoid running all around town for dental care.

2.    It can be confusing to schedule appointments with several dentists and doctors, which risks someone missing out on care. That worry is gone when a family dentist is around. Since everyone in the family gets quality care, you can be sure no one misses an appointment or develops a cavity.

3.    For kids, a family dentistry center is usually more relaxing than a general dentistry setting. Kids sometimes fear the dentist, so this is always a benefit.

4.    Family dentist costs may be cheaper than general dentist care. It’s important to compare costs and learn what your insurance covers to keep the costs low.

5.    Family dentists offer all the same services as a general dentist and sometimes more. They can refer you to orthodontists and other oral providers if necessary. And, they have the same quality training as any other dentist.

A family dentist can help care for everyone’s oral health. Ensure that your family enjoys a lifetime of smiles and schedule two appointments for care each year. These two appointments are those you will be glad that you didn’t miss.